Anie Mathew: The Encounter with a Poet Par Excellence

As always, it was quite accidentally I meet Annie Mathew in the virtual space. However, later experiences proved that it was not just a coincidence that we met. Soaked in the tender feeling towards a brother, her words were often poetic and since then I was asking her to publish her works. Publishing a bookContinue reading “Anie Mathew: The Encounter with a Poet Par Excellence”

‘The Attic’ by Sujatha Varrier

Was it all for this moment when I look at ‘The Attic’ an anthology of mesmerizing poetry by Sujatha Varrier decorating the shelves of greatest books by greatest writers? It is precious for one more reason that all the poems are embedded in the form of artworks by Bharati Varrier, daughter of the poetess whomContinue reading “‘The Attic’ by Sujatha Varrier”