Pulluvan Pattu: Songs for the serpent gods

ocated in the Alappuzha district of Kerala, close to Chengannur railway station, Chengannur Mahadeva Temple is one of the oldest and famous temples which is believed to be built by the legendary architect Perunthachan. Though the large portion of the sprawling temple complex with a circular Sanctum was reduced to ashes in a fire inContinue reading “Pulluvan Pattu: Songs for the serpent gods”

From The Tribesmen To Civilized Men; Are We Ruining Them?

While the foreshock of the parliament elections brings tremors to political India, all eyes are upon the southernmost tip of Deccan Plateau in the north-east region of Kerala. Wayanadu often termed as a paradise on earth, is a land without equal that attracts a number of tourists from across the world that includes historians inquisitiveContinue reading “From The Tribesmen To Civilized Men; Are We Ruining Them?”

Lessons from the Kerala girl who ended up her life in the depths of Meenachal River

“There was a time when even a pebble hurts you, your father used to feel heartbroken…” I told my daughter who had turned 11 recently. She was curiously watching me, perhaps uncomfortable about the ‘change’ in my approach towards her. “But, do you know that years later, I feel happy when something hurts you?” AsContinue reading “Lessons from the Kerala girl who ended up her life in the depths of Meenachal River”

When A Limitless Religion Limits An Individual

The streets of the small yet modernised town appear empty! It is the Holy month of Ramadan, during the hours of breakfast in the evening the road is so, devoid of much people and vehicles except a few old models of cars crawl through the smooth roads most of the vehicles decorated by Om andContinue reading “When A Limitless Religion Limits An Individual”