Preeth Nambiar (born 27 August 1978) is an Indian author, educationist and humanitarian. He is the founder president of Writers Capital International Foundation, an organisation dedicated to spreading humanitarian values through the medium of literature, which now has a presence in fifty countries. He is also Permanent Councillor to International Council for Diplomacy and Justice (ICDJ), Italy.


Preeth Nambiar was born in an ancient aristocratic family in Kerala, India. His works greatly reflect the rudiments of music, arts and spirituality which he gathered probably during his early childhood. His later journeys in India and abroad prepared him for the broader perspective on universal existence that defines his poetry and other works.


Preeth Nambiar’s works are known for their eloquence in narration juxtaposed with their meditative silences. The elements of mysticism employed by Nambiar in his writings has earned him a place among the mystic poets of contemporary literature. He follows freestyle in poetry, with nature, life, humanity etc. as the central themes. He has also written short stories which are strikingly poetic.

His works include The Voyage to Eternity (Poetry Society of India, 2013), Solitary Shores (Global Fraternity of Poets, 2015), Pages From my Diary (Kindle, 2018), Songs Ethereal (Indus Scrolls Press, 2019).


Preeth Nambiar served the University of Cambridge as their Department Head of English in the Maldives and conducted extensive training programmes in English for speakers of other languages for more than a decade. In order to instil universal and perennial values in the new generation, he strongly advocates holistic and value-based education.


Writers Capital Foundation, an organisation founded by Preeth Nambiar with a vision to spread the values of humanity, is now operating from 48 countries. Panorama International Literature Festival is one of the key programmes organised by the Foundation which brings writers across the world together for the cause of humanity. Spreading awareness on the significance of minimalism, natural living, compassion towards animals, etc., are the other areas the organisation is contributing to.


• YMG Gandhi International Award (Dr. Madan Gandhi Foundation, Delhi, 2014)
• World Icon of Peace Award (World Institute of Peace, Nigeria, 2016)
• San Francisco Peace Award (Cultural Ambient International Association, Italy, 2020)

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