It was in the middle of the night he got enlightened!

As if from a dream he woke up and looked around him. It was darkness all around and the silence was dense. Beyond the window grills, he could see branches of trees frozen as if awaiting rain. He was experiencing serenity deep within where he looked at everything with gratitude.

In the soft orange light of the bedlamp, his room looked divine. The statue of smiling Buddha, the paintings and the hanging bells – they appeared more beautiful in the night. However, as he looked at the plants decorating his bedroom that night, somehow a deep pain penetrated into his being.

What am I doing with those tiny plants?! Isn’t it selfish to have them in a room that is full of my own breath? When it is raining outside, how eager they must be to get drenched in those waters? What about the longing to be kissed by sun rays that peep through the clouds upon the morning skies?

It was raining outside. He didn’t think twice, one by one, he took all those pots outside where he thought raindrops will fall upon them and then watched them enjoying the drizzle and the pleasant fragrance of the night. Deep within, he was experiencing a bliss that was rather suffocating him!

It was then he noticed the sparrows in the cage he installed outside sleep with their bills tucked underneath the feathers. For a moment, he realised his own selfishness that made him bring them into the house, just for the reason he wanted to wake up to a morning listening to them chirping!

As he approached, looking at the man approaching them, they had woke up from their sleep. He opened the cage. They were not, ready to fly, for the long days of their bondage had made them feel that there is no world beyond. He whispered unto them – ‘Pardon me! Now the earth and the skies are yours!’.

Sensing something wrong, the dog whom he had for securing the house was awake too. He slowly approached the poor creature and caressed him. Tears were rolling down his cheeks as he caressed the poor creature – ‘I am sorry,’ his lips trembled as he set him free – he was looking at him with pitiful eyes!

Back at his chair, when the man sat inhaling deep the contentment of what he did, he was still feeling miserable. ‘Who am I? When the world is boundless and the skies are limitless, Why am I left here bounded by these walls? Isn’t it the greatest tragedy in our lives to live bounded by walls?

He looked at the door and the darkness beyond. For a moment he thought of what he would carry within him while setting a journey towards the new horizons, but had but nothing! Leaving his so-called earthly remaining right within the room, he set his journey towards the darkness.

It was still drizzling. Drenched in water, he walked away, seeking yet another dawn on earth!

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