Anie Mathew: The Encounter with a Poet Par Excellence

As always, it was quite accidentally I meet Annie Mathew in the virtual space. However, later experiences proved that it was not just a coincidence that we met. Soaked in the tender feeling towards a brother, her words were often poetic and since then I was asking her to publish her works.

Publishing a book is not just about getting a few works compiled or gaining popularity, but it is primarily a sign with which we understand that a writer considers writing as a serious part of life. The first book is a major step as it would motivate a writer for publishing the next book and it marks the beginning of a journey towards adding more meaning to the works. From the first book that I published, I personally know how it has helped to shape me into what I am now though I can’t claim any brilliance. Perhaps it took some efforts to convince Annie of the importance of the same too.

The Solivagant by Anie Mathew is a collection of brilliant poetry that throws light upon the depths of a woman. If we carefully read through the words and the silences between them, it will unfold a whole new world where you would find a woman’s fights with the harsh realities of the world. The area of our brain is equivalent to the area that we explored in the world and I am sure there is much more to expect from Anie who was fortunate enough to live in regions that differ in culture. Though living in the US, her psych belongs to an Indian woman who was brought up in a small hamlet in Kerala renowned for the beauty and elegant culture.

I am afraid it would take a volume to speak about the book and the content, however, I leave it to the critics who would explore the higher planes of the meaning of the works of Anie Mathew. As a passionate reader, most of such works brings me a sense of silence that I cherish even after a few years after reading a book. The Solivagant is such a piece of work! As the book is ready for setting its journey to the readers across the world, it is not only the merit of the book that brings me delight, but I am content for the reason I could be instrumental in the making of the book.

There were times I was left disheartened finding the delay of the book and the perhaps for the ‘cold’ reaction of the author herself while finding the book published, however, I do understand that not all are good at expressing their innermost feelings through a voice that would sound exciting or they do not believe in living a life that is merely pretension. Ultimately, it is all about the contentment that we experience after responsibly completing a task at hand with all the dedication it deserves.

I wish Anie Mathew the very best for her upcoming works that I am sure are on their way. It is her footprints in the world, following which an avid reader would explore a world that would say much about the time she lived in this world, even after we all set our journey to timelessness.

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