The Story of Frog or of Evolution

story of a frog by preeth nambiar

When I returned home, daughter was eagerly waiting to share a news!

“Appa, see there is a frog injured. It is about to die…”

For a moment I thought if something happened from her side that hurt the frog, but she described what had happened. I accompanied her to find a Saint Frog escaped from the mouth of a snake, badly injured and bathed in dirt, breathing its last moments.

They are dear to me for my small room is the home of few Saint Frogs too. Evenings I could see them going out for their living and in the mornings I opened the door to see them in row eagerly waiting outside the door to enter their home. Crazy me used to ask them about the night while they used to enter without even looking at me. He must be one among those!

I touched that innocent life and caressed its belly! I felt those eyes were wet staring at me as if he wanted to tell something. I have no way to save that life but I didn’t want to leave him there so. With a cup of water I bathed him and took him to a cleaner place under the shades of a plant and watched its belly moving fast up and down slowly and then with few sudden breaths stopping! I touched him again to find it dead and held its arms which were injured.

I know that my tears can’t be justified, for that is the very nature of life. The snake and the frog belongs to a food chain created by nature itself. Even the pain and suffering of an individual has its own meaning that could be justified by only by the universe, perhaps the part of his evolution to greater realms, raising that individual to a higher level of being.

This morning, crossing those Saint Frogs in front of the door when I stepped out, I thought of that frog. He was there laying peacefully upon the lawn with his eyes opened, awaiting ants who would carry him back to earth. A plant would grow there nourished by his flesh and a flower would blossom one day, which would open its petals to the morning rays and say Good morning to the world!

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