While the ‘patriotic’ Indians celebrate the BJP led Union government’s decisions against China, the markets in India have started reflecting the possible setback on common men. In most of the parts of India, there is a severe shortage of electronic equipments in which China-made products are the very life.

Many of the retail outlets of laptops and computers are almost empty, the reason that they point out is the difficulty in getting Chinese segments where in India, mostly these products are assembled. While in China manufacturing of chips and other laptop segments has become a cottage industry, what average Indian produce from such a venture is still ‘beedi’ or an evening snack that even compromise the food standards.

Various Industry associations, from pharmaceuticals to telecommunications and automobiles, believe that a “knee-jerk” offensive against China till alternative vendors are finalised or domestic capacities are built will hurt the economy, including the country’s exports. This has already started reflecting in the market.

The Chinese products that people often claim to be ‘fragile’ or that has ‘no life’ are often myths circulated by the so-called patriots and those who do not know the market. While assuring high standards, due to the policies existing in the country, they manage to bring it to a customer at a minimum cost too. For all these reasons Chinese products are often poor man’s treasure.

On the other hand, the products which are sold in various markets in India labelled ‘Chinese’ are not really Chinese but manufactured with least care in ‘companies’ that are not even registered in India. None of those products undergoes quality control or safety tests.

Stamping ‘Chinese’ is easy and probably an average Indian would be more than happy to see a Chinese product termed ‘not good’ just because of his enmity that was injected upon his/her blood as early as in their childhood by changing governments.

In which country one is born, its past, various stances adopted by rulers of the nation etc. are insignificant as far as a common man is concerned. For him and everyone here, life is just an opportunity to live, preferably with happiness that is his due. Blind enmity towards anything around him, let it be towards a country, would only make his life complex and miserable.

It is evident that the restrictions on import from China would be an expensive affair for an average Indian. There will be a massive hike in the price of the products that until now we have been receiving at lower prices. In a country like India where passing a quality test is a matter of a few hundred rupees, possibilities are high where we could be deceived by a manufacturer by offering a product that not necessarily maintain good standards.

The country I was destined to be born could be India, maybe ‘you’ are the ones who are ruling the country. While we are just lives travelling towards its horizons, why to sacrifice it because of your political rivalries? Before refusing food from the neighbourhood you should make sure that what is needed to feed the hunger is available right within your home. You can’t feed your hunger with nationalism alone!

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