A ‘Filtered’ World

“Come on! Why don’t you change your profile picture, Brother?” I heard him asking his friend. “Why should I?”, he laughed, “This is how I look like and that’s perfectly fine for me!” The conversation that followed left me thoughtful throughout the day. Quite surprisingly, the topic came in between the conversations with a number of people whom I interacted later on.

The question is how eager are we to select the ‘best’ among the several photographs that we possess, how much people struggle with filters in their smartphones to beautify their own images to show the world around them! The greatest tragedy is that the person in the photograph often doesn’t have any resemblance to the person originally exists.

So are most of the people, who mask their own true personalities with the images that they have built up! While being true to one’s own self is one of the greatest things that we can ever do to ourselves, being truthful to the world around us must be the greatest deed that we can ever perform, for the masks that cover your face sooner or later will be ripped off!

Be original, there is beauty in it! In other words, the real beauty of the world is in its originality!

(Image Courtesy: http://www.photodoto.com)

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