‘The Attic’ by Sujatha Varrier

famous english poet and humanitarian preeth nambiar on 'the attic' by Sujatha varrier

Was it all for this moment when I look at ‘The Attic’ an anthology of mesmerizing poetry by Sujatha Varrier decorating the shelves of greatest books by greatest writers?

It is precious for one more reason that all the poems are embedded in the form of artworks by Bharati Varrier, daughter of the poetess whom I believe is another promise to arts and literature.

When I look at the book in the college library awaiting lovers of literature, somehow there are tears on my eyes. Perhaps of tender joy, but I understand that these teeny-tiny joys make life worth recollecting!

Congratulations dearest sister Sujatha Varrier! I am sure this marks just the beginning and there is a lot to come that will place you as one among the finest writers in the world!

Abundance of love

Book: The Attic & Other Poems
Author: Sujatha Varrier
Illustrations: Bharati Varrier
Publisher: Authors Press, Delhi

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